Apple iMac 2.16GHZ Core 2 DUO 24" Desktop

All-in-one computers such as this machine combine the display and the major components (processor, graphics chip, memory, storage, and so on) into a single physical package. Apple popularized the concept with the original Macintosh computer, and continues the trend to this day with its iMac line.

The chief appeal of an all-in-one desktop lies in its style and integration, and such systems are especially suited to people who have limited space in which to work. But all-in-one PCs often have few (if any) slots and bays for internal expansion, and cluttering up your desk with external USB storage and other peripherals could eliminate much of their appeal. If you do go for an all-in-one, it's a good idea to get a machine that has all the features and drive space you'll need over at least the next 18 months.


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