Toshiba Qosmio G35-AV600 Notebook

As if the first Qosmio Windows Media Center Edition notebooks didn't kick enough multimedia booty with instant-on TV, a slot-fed DVD burner, awesome Harman/Kardon speakers and a cool volume dial, the latest Qosmio adds hi-fi sound.Toshiba's top-of-the-line consumer notebook also boasts an Intel dual-core processor, a 17-inch WXGA+ wide-aspect screen, a full-size keyboard, and a pair of 80GB RAID-configurable hard drives.Equipped with Intel's new 1.83-GHz Core Duo T2400 processor and 1GB of system RAM, the Qosmio earned a good WorldBench 5 score of 92. Dual processors speed up multitasking, which we saw in the Qosmio's performance results. The Qosmio's remarkable 3.8-hour battery life gives you the option of leaving the electrical outlet behind for a while.This notebook is decked out in nearly all respects. It lacks a DVI flat-panel monitor port, but you get an ExpressCard slot, a fingerprint reader, a three-in-one media card reader, both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless readiness, and two headphone ports, including a shared S/PDIF minijack for connecting digital speakers or enhancing the headphone experience with Dolby virtual surround sound.By May, an updated model, the Qosmio G35-AV650, will be available with a high-definition optical drive for playing the handful of available HD DVD movies. The company couldn't say when the Qosmio would be available with a high-definition TV tuner for recording HDTV.


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